The Last Night of Ramadan

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Ramadan Can Mean More Pressure to Jesus Followers

And for those, who had mixed and varied affairs during this month, i. But occasionally some of the times forgot them, acted in a manner which was not proper for this month, or even by performance of indecent deeds violated the reverence of this month. It is up to them that in this last night should make their best endeavours, should open their tongue for apologizing with truth and sincerity; in order to indicate their regret, apology, repentance, and request, should do whatever they can, and in this manner should compensate for their shortcomings and negligence shown towards their noble guest, thus, making it contented and pleased.

Because, his is an exalted guest who has been sent by Allah the Glorious, the Exalted , near us for goodness, blessings, prosperity, rewards, and not for inflicting loss and damage. Therefore, from this consideration it is so exalted that if we open our tongue for pardon, and sincerely indicate our feeling ashamed and repentant it will certainly accept our excuse and would over look our unfair actions.

The Last Ten Nights of Ramadan

O' Allah the Glorious, the Exalted! Through this noble month you did a great favour upon us and bestowed a great blessing, but alas, we did not appreciate it's worth, and by wasting this golden opportunity have oppressed our own selves, that you know about the dimensions of this calamity more than others. Now that the Holy month has reached to the end and we would not longer have it's blessed days and nights at our disposal; the wind of Your blessings has blown towards us and awakened us from the deep sleep of ignorance; now we have realized that how much dearest one has been lost; with this loss, what terrible calamity we have inflicted upon our self.

Now, we don't know any other way, except to look towards You; we admit our mistakes and wrongs which we have done to ourselves; that we have lost this great generosity feel sorry, that we have remained empty-handed from all those bounties shed tears with grief; now, who else is there except You, who could rescue us from this loss, and could treat this scare of intense grief from our hearts, and could lighten the burden of sins and regrets, which is so heavy upon our souls?

In spite of our bad condition, wretchedness, deviations, and indecencies, we discovered that You have not forgotten and abandoned us to ourselves, has not released us in ignorance and negligence, and have not closed the doors of repentance upon us; otherwise, You wouldn't have made us aware of our mistakes and losses. Therefore, there is room, not to be disappointed from Your Generosity, not to turn off our eyes from Your blessings and bounties, not to remain empty-handed from Your Kindness, because, no one becomes hopeless from You except unbelievers, and no one except losers close their eyes from the threshold of Your Magnanimity.

Therefore, O' my Lord! You are so Exalted, Magnanimous an Acceptor that you accepted the magicians of Pharaoh's court, accepted his own prayer, and even did not return empty-handed, Satan, Your worst servant. For the sake of reverence of the Holy Prophet [s], please do accept me in this night, grant my prayers, change my wickedness into many fold goodness, delete my name from the list of losers and those who have suffered severe damages, by entering it in to the list of righteous and prosperous ones, and bestow upon me the companionship of Your most favourite saints.

The Night of Power During Ramadan | Zwemer

O' my Lord! My sinning, deviations, indecencies, boldness, and immodesty have blackened my face; for the sake of the illumination of the Holy Prophet [s], and his Holy Progeny Ahlul Bait [a], please look upon me with Your Generosity, and allow me to sit under the shadow of Your Blessing. This is the month of Your feast, You Yourself don't like that a host should act miserly in treating his guests, even if this hospitality would result in a loss for the host.

But O' Allah the Glorious, the Exalted! Whatever You increase in Your benevolence and hospitality towards Your guests You have bestowed it upon Your own domain and kingdom, but if You deprive me from Your hospitality I would be left out hungry while sitting upon Your tablecloth. It is up to such a person to see off this month through performing a perfect repentance with truth and sincerity, keeping in mind never to repeat the sinning, deviations, and transgressions committed by him in the past.

At the end of the last day of the Holy Month of Ramadhan, the day of presentation of deeds, it is up to us to seek refuge with the impeccable ones M'asumin [a] i. Then with apology and excuse, we should present our deeds of the month of them; with humility we must beg and request them, that through their prayer and intercession should make our deeds as good ones, should keep them immune from defects and calamities, should request Allah the Glorious, the Exalted , that for the sake of His Own Exaltedness may accept them, as well as may multiply them many fold with reward and goodness.

If we perform the last day's deeds in the state of prostration, end the Holy Month of Ramadhan while hungry and prostrating, entering into the night of Eid ul-Fitr, it could be genuinely expected that we will be benefited from Allah's blessing, kindness, and generosity far beyond our imaginations. His speeches and protests on necessary occasions made a manifest the worthiness and glory of Alhul-Bait [a], the cruel injustice suffered by his father, and enormities perpetuated by Yazid's Umayyads regime.

Imam al-Shafi considered Imam 'Ali ibn al-Husayn [a] as the most supreme jurist of all the people of Madina.

His book Al-Sahifah al-Sajjadiyah stands out as a profound social work of the time and a reflection of a supreme endeavour to meet the exigencies of spiritual ordeals facing the society at the time of Imam. Mualana met with Shams Tabrizi in A. This meeting had a tremendous impact upon him, and brought a great spiritual revolution in his personality. His most famous mystical poetry works are: 1.

Mathnavi, consists of six volumes, containing verses of poetry, describing the religious and gnostic sublime realities in a simple language. Divan al-Kabir, consisting of 50, mystical verses is another literary mystical masterpiece left by Maulana [Tr].

Skip to main content. View this page in our App. View View. Table of Contents. During this night there are few important deeds and one should make his best endeavours for their performance as follows: To offer ten rak'ats of prayer for acceptance of this month's deeds and worships. Questions and Answers Perhaps, acceptance of whatever has been described above might be difficult for some, specially, when there is a room for criticism regarding the authenticity of this tradition.

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Studying Imam al-Sajjad's [a] Affairs It is desirable to study and ponder, whatever has been narrated about the actions, deeds, intensity of repentance and obedience of Imam al-Sajjad 1 [a] during this night, in order to find out that such a noble and esteemed personality like him, with all that piety and spiritual grandeur, present himself before Allah the Glorious, the Exalted , for repentance in this manner; therefore how should we -with all this disobedience, ingratitude, indecency and intemperance present ourselves before Allah the Glorious, the Exalted , for repentance and obedience.

I have done wrong to my own self, in accordance to Your command I have forgiven and overlooked those who have done wrong to me; You too should overlook and forgive me, because, You are most deserving to overlook and forgive; O' Allah!

At least, we may write in a diary the mistakes and omissions committed by our children, relatives, servants and others, then on the occasion of Eid ul-Fitr's night let us overlook and forgive all of them and so much better, if we look towards Allah the Glorious, the Exalted , and say: Allah! Here, it should be reminded that not executing this method exactly, the way described above, and simply paying heart's attention, although might be useful and effective, nevertheless, its performance in the above manner is far more effective and possesses many distinctions including: A.

Self Accounting The other important deeds of this night is self scrutinizing, and it would be so much better and desirable that at the end of the month, the fast observing believer should audit his investment and profit, exactly like two partners who scrutinize their investments and gains at the end of the day.

Farewell of the Holy Month of Ramadhan The other important etiquette of the last night is to farewell the Holy Month of Ramadhan, to be sad, feel regret because of its parting, and recite most of the elegant prayers and supplications which have been narrated for this occasion by the Impeccable ones M'asumin [a]. Comments About the Sense and Perception Among Solid Bodies Perhaps acceptance of the above might be a little bit difficult for some, and they may say: is the month a human being with awareness and a friend with feelings, so that we must say farewell to it?

They should read whatever Sayyid Ibn Tawus has mentioned in his book Iqbal in order to find their reply and they should ponder over the following explanation: It must be understood that time, place, and other lifeless phenomenon, although in this world are lifeless and in their solid state do not possess intelligence and awareness, nevertheless, in accordance with very explicit testimonies of plenty of traditions, which speak about the psychic and next world, as well as on the basis of spiritual contemplation reported by many gnostics, all of them are possessed with life, awareness, intelligence, speaking, friendship, and enmity etc.

The traditions which mention about speaking of the fruits of Paradise. Since, the staff of Prophet Moses [a] turns here into a dragon, It becomes a news for the creatures of this world.

5 things YOU MUST do in the Last 10 nights of Ramadan - Abu Abdissalam

These things are dead here, but are alive in the celestial world, They are silent observers here, but would speak over there. Because, the orders were issued from that side, That staff turns in to a dragon for us.

The Last Night of the Holy Month of Ramadhan

So do the hills sing hymns in harmony with Prophet David [a] And the toughness of iron changes in to wax with the touch of his hands. The air provides transportation for Prophet Solomon [a], While the ocean speaks eloquently with Prophet Moses [a] The moon responds to Prophet Muhammad's [s] indication, While the blazing fire turns into a rose garden for Prophet Abraham [a]. The stone pebbles salute the Prophet Muhammad [s], While the mountains communicate with Prophet Yahya [a]. We the solid bodies see, hear, and are aware, But with you strangers, don't communicate. Because, so far you earthly creatures - are entangled within the materialistic boundaries, How could you become intimate with our soul? If you move beyond this material world towards the celestial world, You will then hear the uproar of the various constituents of the universe. The Last Day of the Holy Month of Ramadhan At the end of the last day of the Holy Month of Ramadhan, the day of presentation of deeds, it is up to us to seek refuge with the impeccable ones M'asumin [a] i.

He participated in Imam al-Husayn's uprising and accompanied his father to Karbala being a tragic witness to the tragic event. The last 10 nights are still your opportunity to receive forgiveness and greater spiritual rewards. Approach this time with commitment and positivity.

Put the effort in throughout each of the 10 final nights of Ramadan. Get your family involved. Even children can stay up a little later on the last 10 nights. Stay well-rested during the day. Taking short naps is a great idea as it will leave you energised for the nights of worship.

W and many other things like reciting Sayyadil Istigfar and so on. We should also endeavour to give Zakat in this Month before it finishes. Think of anything good try to do it in this Month. Alhamdulillahi I was happy reading this article. I definitely would try to practice what was preached and extend it to other people around me.

Jazakumullahu khairan, may Allah increase our faith and knowledge and reward us with high class jannat Al-firdaus. You have very beautifully elaborated and explained all that needs to be done or could be done on this blessed night. May Allah SWT forgives all muslim ummah our shortcomings and increase us in true guidance. How I wish all muslims have access to this so as to have aglance at htios wonderful message. Alhamdulillahi, I will say may Allah subhanahu wa Ta'la reward you abundantly with the way you have been passing Islamic message across the globe.

May He, The Exalted continue to bless you. I really appreciate yor efforts on this. Thanks very much. Take a vacation for Allah , excellent idea. InshaAllah , I will do so with my family. Can you see , how strong the message will be , if every one of us take a vacation for Allah in the month of Ramadan. Allah will bless you for this and please keep sending us these kind of supreme ideas.

This is a very inspiring write up.

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I shall pass this to many of my Muslims friends in Nigeria. First of all Assalamualkum the month of Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims but a lot of Muslims not keeping fisting my advice to those Muslims plz be wake up only this is the month god forgive each mistake and my advice to all Muslims don't go by wrong way cause the qeyama is very near after death what we answer. I have friends who do not beleave in Abbu Hurairas teachings, i was advised to read the quraan and follow the teaching of Muhammed s.

What is right? They say follow the prophets teachings, his daughters and son in laws teachings and progeny! I appreciate these important information published in this site. This will help us expand our knowledge in Islam. Sometimes we are so busy in life that we don't have time to go to islamic dawah centers; this site will provide information as well as the answers to question raised in our minds regarding our religion. May you have more blessings from Allah. Thank You for your article , it's very good and inspire me to prepare how to maximize at last 10 days of Ramadhan, Insya Allah I want to spend at last 10 days of Ramadhan this year for i'tikaf in the masjid.

I enjoyed reading this article. It just made me miss home a little more. I agree with the author that me make time for jobs, businesses, etc. Inshallah, I pray that if Allah lets me live to see it, I will be in North Carolina for the last ten days next year. I really do think that the community is very important as well during Ramadan. That is the one thing that lacks here in Ottawa.

The Last Night of Ramadan
The Last Night of Ramadan
The Last Night of Ramadan
The Last Night of Ramadan
The Last Night of Ramadan

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