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Quavo from Migos:

Alas, another weekend full of dancing has come and gone. This weekend, hold onto your hat and point your dancing shoes towards Chicago for the 32nd annual Chicagoland Country and Swing Dance Festival. And things keep changing!

What is dabbing? Meaning, origin and videos of celebrities performing the dance move

The third GrandSlam of the WDSF calendar year has officially concluded here in Rimini, Italy, and we found ourselves face to face with some intriguing occurrences! We are in Rimini, Italy, and the second day of the GrandSlam series is soon to commence, but we cannot forget about the excitement that filled the halls of the Rimini Expo Centre just last night!

From a total of couples, one champion couple was crowned—Evaldas Sodeika and Ieva Zukauskaite of Lithuania achieved their third WDSF GrandSlam title of their careers, making them the undefeated champions of the series. And we are back! Off to Italy we travel as we come to stream live the third GrandSlam leg of the year.

To be exact, we will be on the eastern coast of the country in the town of Rimini. This is the second year that a GrandSlam will be hosted in this seaside community in a country known for its art, fashion, vespas, pizza, and pasta, as well as impeccable performance in the world of competitive dance. Live Now.

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Jun 1, Jennell Lewis. Atlanta is known for producing some of the world's most infamous and pandemic dance crazes, from the Bankhead Bounce in the the '90s to the "Lean With It Rock With It" and the "Crank That" made popular in the early s.

Basically, the move is meant to look like you are sneezing into your elbow. You place your nose into the nook of your elbow while lifting the opposite arm out straight on the diagonal. The kids in the photo below have got it down. If you need more evidence as to the extent of this dance craze, let me provide some.

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Needless to say, this is what it turned into. In December , the latter misinterpretation was most infamously put forth by rapper Bow Wow in a Facebook video, which similarly prompted online backlash and ridicule from others looped in the online hip hop communities.

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Meanwhile, Quavo of Migos further added to the confusion by stating that the dance wasn't even called "dabbing" during its onset:. On May 22nd, , YouTuber T-Jay Hayes [8] uploaded one of the earliest tutorial videos for "The Dab" dance shown below, left , racking up more than 2. On July 28th, music news site The Fader [7] reported on the emerging dance trend in an article titled "I Can't Stop Watching These Videos Of Kids Dabbing In Atlanta," which provided a description of the dance move and its brief history of origin, as well as a series of video examples that have been circulating on Instagram.

On the day after the publication of XXLMag's article, a minor Twitter dispute arose between Migos [5] and their labelmate OG Maco [6] regarding the contentious issue of who came up with the Dab first. In response, Migos tweeted back at OG Maco saying that Flippa is part of the Migos family, which sparked a brief yet awkward exchange of subtweets between the labelmates throughout the day. Since rising to national prominence in August , a number of well-known celebrity hip hop artists have jumped on the bandwagon by dabbing on stage during live performances and in music videos, including Future, Rich the Kid and Metro Boomin, among many others. By mid-September, "The Dab" had reached yet another major turning point when numerous professional athletes began adopting it as their celebratory dance on camera, beginning with Cincinnati Bengals' running-back Jeremy Hill dabbing on the field during the game against the Oakland Raiders on September 13th, although the most well-known performance of "The Dab" to date by a professional athlete has been attributed to the Carolina Panthers' quarterback Cameron Jerrell Newton dabbing after scoring a touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks on October 18th.

During the campaign for the elections, several politicians have hit the dab. Elizabeth Warren has also dabbed.

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Today in election moments: US Senate candidate Rep. Loretta Sanchez dabbed after her closing statement in tonight's California debate pic.

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Kamala Harris threw shade. View All Videos. View All Images. Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Like us on Facebook! About The Dab or Dabbing , not to be confused with the recreational use of hash oil that goes by the same name, is a style of hip hop dance that involves dropping one's head with one arm raised and resting the face inside the elbow of the other arm, which essentially resembles the gesture of a polite attempt at muffling a loud sneeze.

Origin While "The Dab" trend is generally believed to have originated from Atlanta, Georgia's hip-hop scene sometime during the first half of [1] , the question of who invented the dance move remains in dispute among several Atlanta-based hip hop artists and collectives, many of whom are affiliated with the record label Quality Control Music, including Migos, OG Maco, Skippa Da Flippa and Rich The Kid.

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Kingsmould is the one The Dab Uploaded by Arachnos. Luigi doing the dab before it The Dab Uploaded by Cartoontriper.

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