Mommy Can I Have A Puppy?

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Updated: March 29, References. First, do your research and then prove you can handle a new pet. Then, ask your mom for permission to get the pet in a tactful and effective way. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 8 references. Learn more Choose a pet you can care for. Think about the environment of your home and what type of animal would fit in best.

Will it require any special medical care shots, etc. Are you active in extracurricular activities? If so, do you really have time for a pet? For example, you may opt for a pet like a rabbit or a hamster if you have a busy schedule as they are low maintenance and do not need a lot of attention to thrive.

A pet like a snake or a lizard may be a good option if you have a passion for reptiles and enough time to care for them.

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Pick a first and a second choice. Look online or in books about pets to find which type of animal would suit your desires best. Then, have a first and second choice of pet.

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This may be your first choice. After you have identified your first choice for a pet, think about a second choice that would still make you happy if your mom doesn't go for the initial suggestion. For example, you may have a lizard as your second choice, as it is easy to care for and maintain.

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Determine the cost of getting the pet. Do research into how much it will cost to buy the pet from the pet store or from a breeder. A pet like a small dog or cat will cost more and may be bought at the pet store or through a breeder.

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It usually does not cost much to get a small pet from a shelter. Speak to your siblings, if you have any. If you have brothers and sisters, check to see what kind of pet they might get excited about having. Then try to come to an agreement on what type of animal to get -- even better if you can agree on a plan to divide the responsibilities. If you and your siblings cannot agree on a pet, you may need to advocate for a small pet on your own. Remember that in doing this, you will be solely responsible for caring for the pet.

Create a budget for the pet. Your future pet will definitely require at least a small financial investment -- think about all the supplies and food your new pet will need. Then create a budget to show your mom how much you think it will cost to maintain the pet. Factor in things like a living space for the pet, food, toys, and trips to the vet. Write down the costs for each aspect of owning the pet so you can present the cost to your mom. For example, if you wanted to get a pet rabbit, you would need a cage, a water feeder, and a food bowl for the rabbit.

You would also need rabbit food and a vet check for the rabbit. Make a care plan for the pet. Your mom may be reluctant to let you have a small pet because she is unsure whether or not you can take care of it. Show her you can by putting together all of your research into a written plan. Write down a daily or weekly timeline for what caring for the pet will look like.

Talk about how you plan to make time to care for the animal. Something we can control. Your pet may slow down as it ages, but, otherwise, the time you spend with it will always be the same. They provide the consistency we crave. You can count on your pet, you can trust it.

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From minute one, they are dynamic individuals, immediately asserting their will, out to change the world around them. In stark contrast to pets, children are always trying to outgrow, outflank, and outsmart their parents. Children are cunning and devious, with long memories and big plans. The aggregated result of billions of these relationships is what constitutes society. They are not involved. We should remember that pets are extensions of us. We keep them to meet our needs, not theirs.

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Pets are biological Tamagotchi, and their dependence is absolute, built in to ensure their perpetual obedience. Your pet is stuck with no choice but to love you. Even Snoopy, who lived wild and free in his mind, never left Charlie Brown. He knew who had the supper dish.

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Are we coming to the point where the fundamental differences between pets and children are no longer understood, or worse, actively denied? We now prefer the simulation to reality, where having a pet is like playing with a living doll, a chance to enjoy the activity and ritual of parenthood without any of the purpose, consequences, or hard work.

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But if their appeal is a chance to escape the demands of human society, why would anyone want to conflate them with children, the literal embodiment of those demands? When I had pets, it was their difference from humans I enjoyed, not their similarity. The role of parent is not for everyone, nor should it be.

Mommy Can I Have A Puppy? Mommy Can I Have A Puppy?
Mommy Can I Have A Puppy? Mommy Can I Have A Puppy?
Mommy Can I Have A Puppy? Mommy Can I Have A Puppy?
Mommy Can I Have A Puppy? Mommy Can I Have A Puppy?
Mommy Can I Have A Puppy? Mommy Can I Have A Puppy?
Mommy Can I Have A Puppy? Mommy Can I Have A Puppy?
Mommy Can I Have A Puppy? Mommy Can I Have A Puppy?

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