Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening)

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immortal dynasty book one of the age of awakening Manual

Arts which are mastered in the Green Realm provide insights which can be inserted into these slots or rejected. These "insights" provide ways to add effects to the Domain and also to modify how it manifests in the real world. As the Domain progresses the types of effects it will accept will also begin to narrow as the previous choices start to inform future ones.

Another feature of Domains is the Domain Weapon, often referred to by Mortals as "flying weapons" due to them being suspended in the air by the field of the Cultivator's Domain. These are both training tools and noble tools.

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As a training tool they provide another way to gain experience with and improve ones domain, with combat using them providing the most. The other, main use is as weapons with powerful effects. Both offensive and defensive variations have been seen. In all observed cases they supplement what the Cultivator using them is trying to do with their fighting style or activity. As an example Ling Qi possesses a Domain Weapon called the Singing Mist Blade which provides bonuses to her musical arts and has its own musical area attack.

Another feature currently known about is that Domains take part in the modification and creation of Arts. In the Green Foundation stage Art modification becomes available to exceptional Cultivators, as their Domain has become solid enough to act as a mold.

From what is known about the process it involves changing elements and specific features of an art to more directly suit the Cultivator and their individual approach to Cultivation. Art creation is still mostly mysterious, though the general consensus is that serious Art creation will have to wait until the Cyan Realm and the formation of a Way. The Way is a mysterious and currently poorly understood aspect of Cultivation hinted at once by the Moon Spirit Xin which is central to the Fourth Realm. From the incredibly brief descriptions available it seems to be related in part to the Domain as well as Art creation and refinement, and marks the Cultivator setting off on their truly individual Path.

This is important, as by this time, most Cultivators are unique enough beings that they must make their own arts and cultivation arts in order to progress. By all indications, it is rare for cultivation arts in particular to extend this far into the Path of the Immortal. Cultivation along the Path of the Immortal through the Red and Yellow Realms is usually simple, with few requirements besides time, Talent and resources such as spirit stones. Since cultivation arts are a powerful aid to cultivation, most cultivators would be sure to complete these. Moreover, it has been confirmed that once one reaches the Cyan Realm basic cultivation advancement becomes complicated.

The current information points to various quests, Way advancement, and special conditions being met in order to advance. He is one reborn and awakens to rediscover himself. In the Place of Terror I saw other things, I learned the secret of the serpent with its tail in its mouth. I saw the workings of the spawn of evil and the fungus of corruption. I gazed upon the Dark Ones and when they saw me they became vicious, they sought to attach themselves to me… But I was strengthened against them and came forth uncontaminated.

Was it possible, physically and spiritually, for the Egyptians to break on through to the other side? He writes:. Mehler writes:. We became convinced… that there had indeed been an inner group of adepts, masters and initiates who had directed the course of ancient Egypt and had inherited their wisdom and knowledge from an even more ancient civilization. Hamid Bey does not mention that he experienced a journey to the other side. However, a recent, well-publicised example of near-death experience NDE closely echoes parts of the Kolbrin description.

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  8. At that time, he maintained that the brain generates consciousness, mind and spirit. In November he was driven into coma by a rare bacterial meningo-encephalitis. He spent a week on a ventilator, his prospects for survival diminishing rapidly. On the seventh day he woke up. Memories of his life had been completely deleted while in coma, yet he retained vivid memories of a fantastic journey into another realm. His son advised him to write down everything he could remember before reading any records of near-death experiences.

    Six weeks later, he completed his initial record. Then he started reading—and was astonished by the similarities between his own journey and those reported by other cultures and millennia. All things appear to dance in a shimmering haze, then turn over and fold back into themselves, and such beauty is produced that the human tongue cannot describe it.

    All things take upon themselves shimmering forms through which other forms can be seen. Great melodic music throbs all around, while everything pulsates a soft rhythm. The air is filled with voices of unearthly sweetness, glory and splendour are everywhere.

    Immortal Dominion

    Two rituals similar to the Hibsathy are recorded in the Book of Scrolls. He rises above himself, flying on wings of five feathers… His body moves without the spirit and partakes of the sour yellow bread of wide vision… drinks the brew of grey barley 29 and sips long at the wine of harish, [Arish? He eats the fruit of the releasing tree and drinks the brew of black fungus, which is in the smoke goblet. His voice is heard speaking in a strange tongue, as he calls on his fathers who have gone before… His body becomes still, as he enters the dazzling chamber which is the doorway to twin vision.

    High up he looks below him and sees the waters of the Winding Canal of Experience and understands the meaning of all that had befallen him. Now he has four eyes, these being the inner and outer eyes, and rising higher he attains the heights of wide consciousness. Here he meets the Pathfinder and follows him… speaks rightly to the Guardian… shields his eyes when passing the Lurker on the Threshold… until he comes to the abode of the Opener of the Ways. He hears the voice of the Sungod… becomes covered with moisture, he writhes, he shouts, he struggles… he… has been seized by the Fiends of Darkness, but he… prevails over them, and all is well….

    He is raised… he comes forth… He staggers, he cannot walk unsupported. His throat burns… His head resounds… He is given the sweet waters in the cup of forgetfulness and drinks deeply, all is well. He is a Reborn One, he is an Enlightened One.


    He is one resurrected from the Cavern of Stone. The star-girt roadway you see rising before you is that trodden by the countless Risen Ones who have gone before.

    Now, advance towards the left…. Listen carefully, for it will retell your… accomplishments and your omissions.

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    If they weigh against you, then cast yourself into the abyss, for you are unworthy to survive this trial… If you have not been found wanting in the weighing, then step forward… without fear, for the mouth will close to let you pass. If you are not numbered among the triumphant ones, then better by far that you be swallowed forthwith than that you survive to meet the Dread Lurker, the Devouring Horror, and be returned to Earth a witless, empty shell.

    Therein you must… refresh yourself. The trees growing to your right bear the fruits of spiritual nourishment, eat and become strong… You will see a cliff against which is a ladder… the Ladder of Experience… The rungs are your daily deeds and thoughts and fantasies… Now is the test. Will your daily deeds and secret thoughts support your ascent…? See, above is your Kohar [a part of the soul], call upon it for help, for therein you may have stored a reserve of spiritual strength.

    Or… it may be barren and empty, only you know…. It is on guard, safeguarding the precious gem of spiritual powers… To rouse this serpent… causes a fire to mount into the heart, which may destroy the brain with delusions and madness.

    Religious Daoism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

    Only the Twice Born can really obtain the gem. These will bring you to the twelve first portals leading to the Land of Shadows. Here I will recite for you the twenty-two deeds of wickedness you have not done. Klaus resolves that they must take down Marcel and get back the city that once belonged to them. While doing that they must also protect their city from a war brewing between vampires, werewolves, and witches. Over time, new and old friendships are formed, love is in the air, death surrounds them, and the Originals learn more about their own family past.

    The first season describes how Klaus's mystical child is going to be born and speaks of the threats that the Originals together must keep her safe from. The second season deals with the return of Klaus and his siblings' parents, and the arrival of an aunt who threatens the baby's life. The third season shows the Mikaelsons facing both a prophecy that speaks of their downfall, and the first-sired vampires who have wanted revenge for a millennium.

    Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening) Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening)
    Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening) Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening)
    Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening) Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening)
    Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening) Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening)
    Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening) Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening)
    Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening) Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening)
    Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening) Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening)
    Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening) Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening)
    Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening) Immortal Dynasty (Book One of the Age of Awakening)

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