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It is notable that in the second half of June alone, people had already arrived in the country, including 70 commanders and instructors.

The transfer of mercenaries is carried out by car in groups of people," she said. Syria has been locked in a vicious civil war since early , when the Bashar al-Assad regime cracked down on pro-democracy protests with unexpected ferocity. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and more than 10 million others displaced, according to UN officials. Turning to Afghanistan, Zakharova said the inter-Afghan dialogue and consultative meetings of the special representatives on Afghanistan in the "three plus" format -- Russia, the U.

American Mercenaries Were Hired To Assassinate Politicians In The Middle East : worldnews

The raging Afghan conflict is in its 18th year, with thousands of lives lost and millions forced to flee their homes. Second, this is to some degree confusing.

The Emirates wanted to engage in targeted killing, it has lots of money, and Dahlan knows a guy who knows a guy. Yet I struggle to imagine why Spear was the best choice for this. The United Arab Emirates have people who can do this, and arguably do it better in this case.

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The greatest risk was not encountering a fortified nest of veteran terrorists, but spooking targets into going into hiding, as indeed reportedly happened after the first failed operation. In this case it makes more sense to employ locals, or at least Arabs, who have the language skills and ability to move or collect intelligence as covertly as possible. Hiring American door-kickers seems inappropriately high-profile, or at least risky overkill.

One is that the Emirati leadership is hesitant to institutionalize targeted killing. An institutionalized targeted killing program requires tasking intelligence resources for gathering tactical information on targets, then establishing enduring operational coordination between intelligence units and those capable of doing the killing, whether military or paramilitary. I leave it to others to wonder why the United Arab Emirates would be so averse, however. Another is that by employing Americans, the Emiratis hope to insulate themselves from international consequences.

Since the assassinations of Yemeni citizens on Yemeni soil is being carried out by U.

Blood Money—A Short History of Mercenaries in Modern Warfare

Regardless, one thing is certain: We should very closely watch how the U. So, we dug into this. We found a videotape. We obtained a videotape that showed one of the operations they had been involved in, which was an attempt to kill the head of the party in Aden, the head of the al-Islah party in Aden. And you can clearly see the vehicle that the mercenaries use to come up near the building.

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They try to place a bomb there, and you can see it from the drone. We interviewed two of the participants in this program, including the head of it, who told us that there was indeed a targeted assassination program, and another—and a former Navy SEAL who participated in it, as well. And is it conceivable that the American military establishment or the CIA was not aware that this was going on?

The United States supports—gives it intelligence. The United States fuels their planes, arms them. But later, you said, he confirmed what you found.

U.S. Reveals Criminal Boss’s Role in Capturing a Mercenary

So talk about the significance of this. This happened, actually, under President Obama. Is that right? The period of time was after the war—I mean, an interesting point was, after the war started in March, the U. The UAE , of course, still stayed there. They were the ones on the ground. And the Yemen war is a very complex war. People see that the UAE and the Saudis are in the same coalition, but the UAE and the Saudis have kind of different aims there, or traditionally had different aims there.

The Saudis were bombing the Houthis, fighting the Houthis, which they believed are proxies for Iran, and the UAE , most experts will confirm, was really trying to consolidate control over the south. They want the south to separate, to secede. They want control of the ports in the south.

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And they want to control the political space there, because the UAE and Yemen are very close. This is the party of Tawakkul Karman, who was sitting here a few years ago, right at the time the Nobel Peace Prize—the Nobel committee announced she was winning the Nobel Peace Prize. UAE can call them terrorists.

American Mercenaries American Mercenaries
American Mercenaries American Mercenaries
American Mercenaries American Mercenaries
American Mercenaries American Mercenaries
American Mercenaries American Mercenaries
American Mercenaries American Mercenaries
American Mercenaries American Mercenaries
American Mercenaries American Mercenaries

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